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School District Snow Removal, Westbury, NY Clearing and hauling snow from school districts can be a significant task during wintertime. Stasi Bros Snow Specialists has many years of experience handling all types of snow removal, snow plowing, hauling, and deicing. We make sure that our clients deal with the least amount of stress and strain during the winter months. No matter how big or small the school districts you manage, we are your local snow removal experts that can help.

First and foremost, being up to date with local forecasts and all-district communications is crucial. We recognize the importance of this job, and it's why we familiarize ourselves with winter weather watch advisories and warnings. It helps ensure that our team is well-prepared and ready with all the equipment and gear they need to clear snow and ice from your school district.

Prompt Snow Removal Services

Our seasoned and highly trained staff is more than ready to handle any snow and ice removal needs you have. These are some things they focus on:

  • Our expert technicians will spread salt and grit after clearing all the snow from the entrances
  • They will also spread salt near steps and in front of the handicapped ramps
  • The skilled professionals are responsible for complete snow they also ensure that all the other areas are deiced correctly
  • They will make sure that the steps, roads, and sidewalks, and clear of snow
  • We also sweep all the snow from patios, lots, entrances, lots, and other outdoor areas

Snow Removal for ADA Compliance

Snow removal is critical, and our job covers walkways, pavements, bicycle lanes, ramps, and ADA-compliant building entrances. Our heavy-duty snowplows will clear standard school routes, roads, and all areas in that district, making these areas usable, accessible, and safer for use for school children and other pedestrians and motorists.

For additional information about our snow removals for school districts, please call Stasi Bros Snow Specialists at the numbers listed on this page or email us via the Contact Us form.
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